Every educational practitioner is eligible to join IICEP. Membership levels are as follows:

1. ​Student- This category is for students enrolled in tertiary institutions or undergoing training at IICEP.

2. ​Graduate (GIICEP): Graduate members are recent tertiary institution graduates or students who have been certified by IICEP.

• ​Affiliate membership: Intentional Members from non-educational backgrounds who do not hold a Ph.D.

3. ​Certified Associate (CAIICEP): Members in this grade are experienced graduates or those who have been promoted from the graduate level.

4. ​Chartered Member (CMIICEP): Chartered Members are promoted from the Certified Associate level and must have passed the IICEP qualifying examination.

5. ​Associate Fellow (AFIICEP): AFIICEP is a step up from Chartered Member. An experienced Certified Associate, on the other hand, can be promoted to Associate Fellow on the recommendation of the relevant committee to the Governing Council.

6.​Fellow (FIICEP): based on a favorable recommendation from the appropriate committee, experienced Chartered Members can be promoted to Fellows. He or she must also have extensive teaching/lecturing experience. Non-educational practitioners, on the other hand, who have made significant contributions to the advancement of education can be named honorary Fellows of the institute.

•​Doctoral fellow: Members with a non-educational background who wish to pursue a Ph.D. This includes the supervision of a thesis of at least 35,000 words.

7. ​Companion (CIICEP): This grade is reserved solely for former two-term IICEP Presidents and Registrars. Outstanding Ministers of Education and democratically elected Presidents, on the other hand, can be appointed companions.

8. ​Corporate: This is the grade for corporate bodies/organizations

Membership Benefits

i. ​Programs for Training and Development

ii. ​The recognized certificate qualifies a person as a chattered or fellow member, as well as a Professional Educator. This is certified and accepted by every organization and institution on the planet. It can be used to help individuals advance in the workplace.

iii. ​Educational Development and Experiential Learning

iv. ​Access to the International Academic Journal of the IICEP, the Chartered Educational Practitioner Magazine, and newsletters

v. International Book Publishing and Marketing of Members' Books

vi. Membership Directory Listing for Networking

vii. International Student Project Supervision

viii. Membership in IICEP provides excellent opportunities to socialize with members of affiliated institutions. Webinars and seminars are used to share ideas and opportunities (Networking Opportunities)

ix. International Job and Business Opportunity Exposure

x. Seminars and Workshops for Certification

xi. Lower training, seminar, workshop, and continuing professional development (CPD) costs.

xii. Member assistance with international courses and programs

Membership Requirements

i. Academic Certificates

ii. Updated Curriculum Vitae

iii. One Passport size photo


Membership Application Forms are available from State Coordinators, the IICEP Head of Personnel, and the Country Director. Every applicant will be reviewed and graded by the Membership Committee. The Registrar/CEO or his designate will notify the applicant of the results of the assessment and grading.

Professional / Membership Examination

Except for candidates who have been granted waivers/exemptions by the council, intending members will be notified of the date and location of professional examinations, which are typically held in May and November of each year.


New member inductions are held twice a year. Only those who pass the examination will be inducted, but there is currently no Exam or Exam bill.